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45W Silicon Solar LED Street Light  

It has been widely used in mainroads, squares, residential areas and urban & rural roads, etc.

45W Silicon Solar LED Street Light


Products advantages


Solar Panel:C-SI Solar Panel and the lifespan is more than 15 years.
Battery: Rechargeable Lead-acid Battery.
Light Source: CREE LED characterized by high luminous efficacy, high brightness, low depreciation, long life, etc.
Controller: Remote Control, Light Control, Time Control, Anti-overdischarge and Short-circuit Resistance.
Pole: Superb carbon steel pole coated with hot-dip zinc and static apray treatment, anti-salted, anti-acid, weather and rust resistant.
Intelligent Controller: Remote Intelligent Control that can read and set both work time and work style, and showing the work conditions of solar panel and battery. It also can remoted control the running status of LED lights according to the work sit need.
Work Time: Light Control Automatically. The main LED light turns on at dark in full brightness firstly and 4 hours later, then it turns off automotically. It works 5~7 cloudy and rainny days.


Technical datas

  • Power of the Solar:145W±15%
  • Battery Capability:12V/150Ah/li>
  • Power of the Light: 45W
  • Color Temperature:3000K~6000K
  • Working Temperature:-20℃~45℃
  • Total Height:6m
  • Vertical Luminance:>25Lx
  • Wind Resistance:27m/s
  • Protection Degree:IP65
  • Last for rainy/cloudy days:5~7 days



45W Silicon Solar LED Street Light


45W Silicon Solar LED Street Light


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