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Foldable Solar Module 12-19V  

This product as a travel,tourism,long-distance travel and outdoor activities such as environment,the standby power of electronic products.

Foldable Solar Module 12-19V


Products advantages


[Descriptions & Advantages]:
   Flexible, Portable and Lightweight (just 1/5 weight of crystal silicom);
   Anti-acid, Anti-alkali, Anti-corrosion and Anti-aging;
   Waterproof , Moistureproof and High & Low Temperature Resistant;
   Anti-overcharge, anti-overdischarge, anti-overload and short-circuit resistance.

   It is easy to fold and quite suitable for individual and outdoor activities by supplying solar power to handheld radio, satellite communication devices, Surveying Instruments, etc. We can design different power voltage and current according to clients’ requirement in the hope of reducing the cost and updating the functions.


Technical datas


  • Pmax:10.8W
  • Vmp:18V
  • Imp:0.6A
  • Folded Size:240mm*120mm*55mm
  • Unfolded Size:460mm*730mm*1mm
  • Weight:0.76Kg



Foldable Solar Module


Foldable Solar Module


Foldable Solar Module

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