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Energy saving lamp used triphosphor rare earth fluorescence power, Ra index ≥ 80, Starting temperature can be as low as minus 15 degrees Celsius, Low power consumption, long-life hours, average lifetime: 6000hrs/8000hrs/10000hrs/12000hrs, No noise, fast starting, no stroboscopic, eye-care


1. Rated Voltage: 150V - 250V; 50HZ frequency
2. Lamp Socket: E27/B22
3. Save 85% energy compared to incandescent lamp
4. Strong flame retardant properties: (PCB, fuses, lamp socket, plastic case) all use of fire retardant materials, low temperature of electronic ballast at working operations
5. Applications: agriculture industry

Model Wattage Lamp Base Average Wave Dimensions (L1/L2/D1)mm Packaging In/out. pcs
FS-R9W 9W E27/B22 630 111X62X38 60
FS-G11W 11W E27/B22 540 111X62X38 60
FS-B13W 13W E27/B22 445 139X64X60 60

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