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Flexible Solar Power Supply System  

It is widely used for providing the power supply to the comunication terminels and 24V DC power supply devices in camping sites, barracks, sentry boxes, outdoor activities, etc. Customized specification and style are available.

Flexible Solar Power Supply System


Products advantages


[Product Composition]:

The Standard : Flexible Solar Panels+ Power Box + Cable Connection


[Descriptions & Advantages]:
  High-capacity rechargeable battery ensure the long-term power supply for DC Loads.
  Simple, convenient to carry, easy to operate,etc.
  Integral panel, small volume and best working condition.
  The controller of our own research and development is designed for our special solar power box.
  Anti-overcharge, anti-overdischarge, anti-overload and short-circuit resistance.
  In the promise of generating efficiency, we have been installing our flexible solar panel freely to roof, surface of car, ground.etc.
  The frame of power box is coated with special rustproof and anti-corrosion multiprocessing to ensure the longer lifespan.
  Portable wheel design is for using in different occasions.



Technical datas

  • Specifications of Solar Panel
  • Pmax:272W (68W*4)
  • Vmp:33V
  • Imp:8.24A
  • Voc:23.1V
  • Folded Size:2800mm*498mm*4mm
  • Weight:31.2Kg (7.8Kg*4)
  • Specifications of Other:
  • AC Output:DC 20.0V~28.8V, 25A(max)
  • DC Output:DC 5V/1A(USB)
  • Battery Type:Rechargeable Lead-acid Battery
  • Battery Capacity:24V/200Ah
  • Size:770mm*420mm*415mm
  • Weight:150Kg



Flexible Solar Power Supply System



Flexible Solar Power Supply System


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